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Art by Karla Madrigal

Beauty Queen

Beauty Queen

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I wanted to create something that would spark JOY. I flipped through the mountain of various magazine, newspaper, and comic book clippings and found these beautiful women in Jet Magazine and fell in love. One of them is a young Aretha Franklin! 
I loved the quote “Just a Soul Singer from Detroit” - a funny description of Aretha. One that inspires me to be just an artist from Florida. 💕 My intention was to get lost in this piece which is why I added so many details. For the viewer to feel the sense of love, accomplishment, and joy in the colors and doodles.

This piece is 16in x 16in with a 1in thick edge. She is ready to be hung up! I added a satin varnish for a nice subtle glossy finish. 

I hope you love this painting as much I loved creating it. 🌻

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