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Art by Karla Madrigal

Chop it Off

Chop it Off

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Welcome to my kaleidoscopic world of a vibrant collage. Against a bold dark background, a striking contrast unfolds as bright colors burst forth, accentuated by a captivating red border and a subtle blue glitter outline. Intricate squiggles and dotted line work in hues of pink, blue, and yellow dance across the canvas, adding a playful energy. The collage elements come from an art history book that where victorian sculptures pose and a woman is depicted in a contemplative seated pose, creating a fusion of classical and contemporary aesthetics. Explore the intricacies of the piece as it unravels with scribbles and doodles featuring geometric shapes like triangles, squares, circles, and blossoming flowers. This collage is a sensory journey, inviting you to discover the fusion of color, texture, and storytelling in every detail.

Piece Details: 

This piece is on a professional grade, light weight, and sturdy canvas. 3/4" thickness. 10" by 8" inches. It has a beautiful glossy finish which is why it appears reflective in some photos.


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