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Art by Karla Madrigal

I can Bloom

I can Bloom

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This piece has actually gone through phases. I included a picture of the first time I completed this painting. Originally I created this as a representation of how I felt so alone in a relationship while living in such a colorful world. I felt so dark and lonely while desperately wanting to reach a happy creative space. After that relationship ended, I went back to this and gave it a new life. Representing how happy I am now OUT of this relationship. I’m open to exist as I am, however I want. I am in charge of my own destiny. Nothing can bring me down now 💪🏼

Piece Details: 

This piece is on a professional grade, light weight, and sturdy canvas. 3/4" thickness. 24" by 18" inches. This piece includes acrylic paint, magazine clippings, marker, and pen. It has a beautiful satin finish which is why it appears reflective in some photos.

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