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Art by Karla Madrigal

La Cobija de mi Abuelita (Grandma’s Blanket)

La Cobija de mi Abuelita (Grandma’s Blanket)

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This piece was inspired by a cute stuffed dinosaur a friend had with a nice soft blanket. I remember the color of the blanket reminded me of a cardigan my grandma had that I kept. I started to feel so warm and fuzzy looking at this stuffed animal and immediately started taking pictures to remember the moment forever. And of course recreate it. I’ve added the original moment that inspired me as well as my painting process to this listing 🫶💜✨

Piece Details: 

This acrylic paint piece is on a professional grade, light weight, and sturdy canvas. 1 1/2" thickness. 12" by 24" inches. It has a beautiful satin finish.

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