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Art by Karla Madrigal

La Luna Esta Llena Tray

La Luna Esta Llena Tray

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Inspired by Kali Uchis song “telepatía”

Quién lo diríaQue se podría hacer el amor por telepatíaLa luna está llena, mi cama vacíaLo que yo te haríaSi te tuviera de frente, la mente te la volaríaDe noche y de día, de noche y de día

The words on the tray translate to: The moon is full and my bed is empty. It’s such a beautiful and sensual song I had to express it through colors. I created this tray after completing my large painting of the same name.

Art can thrive on a canvas and a tray. Useful art is seriously THE best ✨I give a lil inspo in the pictures on how to use this cute tray. It’s the perfect colorful addition to your home!

This tray is 16 inches by 10 inches with a 1 1/2 inch edge. This tray is painted with acrylic and has a bit of texture too! It’s finished with mod podge. 👩🏻‍🎨

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