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Art by Karla Madrigal

Lamb Flower

Lamb Flower

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I‘ve added my painting process video on the second slide 🐑!

Art has helped me feel more comfortable in my skin. For so long I thought all I was was my BODY. My whole life I felt like everyone around me only ever saw me as my body. People have been talking about my body to me since I was a little girl. I remember being a child at a hair salon and a hair stylist giving me weight loss tips. So ObViOuSLy that’s what I was obsessed about because I thought that’s all I was. And then I started to paint and it felt like my art was always a REAL representation of me (I can’t always help what I look like lol, I can only do so much!!!) and when people complimented my art I BELIEVED them. And it felt so fucking good to try so so so so hard when I painted and have it be SEEN and VALIDATED and UNDERSTOOD. I just deeply love painting so much, so I painted a marry little lamb.

Piece Details: Acrylic paint and metallic paint on professional grade, cold press, acid free water color paper 140 lb/300 gsm. Measuring approximately ~ 5 1/2 “ by 8 1/2”. This piece has a satin finish, which is why it appears reflective in some photos.

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