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Art by Karla Madrigal

Pink Parallel Forest

Pink Parallel Forest

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This piece in particular is inspired by the parallel forests I saw in Oklahoma when visiting my girlfriend. I know they’re in a lot of places, but this in particular inspired this painting 🌲

I had never knotted macrame, in fact I didn’t even OWN macrame when I started this collection. I bought a pack of round canvases and they felt so special when I was making them but I thought macrame would really give it that special extra touch. I also added fairy lights. These were so much fun to create.

Piece Details: This canvas is stretched over recycled high-density fiber made frame. Stapled firmly on the back. I used acrylic, foil, gel pens, and marker. The round canvas diameter: 12”, and is about 20MM thick.

Macrame wit the canvas measures out to approximately 26” - 30” long. I used macrame for hanging at the top of the painting and added knots to the bottom of painting. All pieces come with fairy lights threaded through out.

There is a glossy finish, so that’s why it looks reflective in some pictures

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